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We Are Feeding the Hungry Tired from all the protesting Cleaning up the hood. 

How You can Support the Regional Development Fund

How To Contribute To The Regional Development Fund via
• Go to website.
• Log-in to your existing account; or if this is your first visit, create an account.
• Click “(select a church)” link (located at the top right of the screen).
• Find your local church by searching for it in the search bar and selecting it. (Scroll through the list of options which will appear in the search bar. Be aware that multiple churches use similar names, so be careful to select the option which matches the address of your specific church.)
• A Tithe envelope (listing your church’s name and address at the top) will appear on the screen with options for giving.
• Scroll down the envelope to the Conference/Union section and click on the “More Offering Categories” link.
• At the top of the “Add Conference Offerings” you will see the following – “Showing first 30 of 38 categories. (show all).” Click on “(show all)”.
• On the next “Add Conference Offerings” page, you will find Regional Development Fund at the bottom of the page. Click on the checkmark box next to it in order to list it on the front of the Tithe Envelope.
• Click on the “Back to envelope” button to return to the Tithe Envelope. Designate the amount of money you wish to donate, and follow the remaining steps outlined on the website.


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Regional Ministries Church Commercials

Commercial for Breath of Life Seventh-day Adventist Church

Commercial for Your Bible Speaks Seventh-day Adventist Church

Commercial for Sharon Seventh-day Adventist Church

Commercial for Mt. Tahoma Seventh-day Adventist Church

Commercial for Emerald City Seventh-day Adventist Church

NWUWX Program Release TBD

We're looking forward to sharing the Northwest Urban Worship Experience with you. Uploads of the broadcasts will be available right here. Follow up announcements on the release will be made through your local church as well as on our NPUC Regional Ministries Facebook page as soon as the programs are published. While you're there, follow us and say hello!

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